Earthrise Energy is purpose-built
for the energy transition

Earthrise is an independent power producer. We acquire, develop, and operate power generation facilities that provide reliable electricity, support the decarbonizing grid, and meet the evolving needs of our customers and communities for the long term.

We take a holistic approach to the energy transition.

Keeping the
Lights On

We operate diverse energy portfolios that provide critical reliability services.

the Grid

We deploy and integrate new, low-cost, carbon-free energy solutions.

Supporting Our Communities

We invest for the long-term to positively impact current and future generations.

We seek to power our world more responsibly, sustainably, and equitably than ever before.

Energy underpins our way of life. We embrace our responsibility as owners and operators of power infrastructure to maintain reliability as we accelerate the deployment of new, carbon-free power.

Every type of energy technology affects people and the planet. Sustainability is ingrained in our business model to ensure our solutions create a lasting, positive impact.

Transitions are challenging and complex. We are committed to leading a just and equitable energy transition that is built on respect for our employees, our communities, and our customers.

Our Portfolio


Together, our  nearly 1.7 GW operating portfolio of highly flexible natural gas peaking plants and 1.5+ GW renewable energy and storage development pipeline will support a future energy system that is resilient, reliable, and clean.


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