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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Unlock the power of renewable energies with Earthrise Energy. Get the answers to your questions.

Is Earthrise a US company?

Yes. Earthrise’s headquarters are based in Arlington, Virginia.

Why is Earthrise building solar projects in Illinois?
Earthrise owns and operates five natural gas peaker plants in Illinois. As local business owners, we seek to build upon the foundation we have in our communities by investing in new energy sources, beginning with solar energy projects.
What are the benefits of leasing my property to Earthrise?

Solar energy provides long-term and predictable revenue. Solar energy is drought-proof and insulates farmers from the volatility of yields and commodity prices. With the additional income solar energy generates, landowners can diversify their income, reinvest in other areas of their operations, and help keep the property in the family for generations to come.

How much income can I generate from leasing my land to Earthrise?

Commercial terms will vary based on location and property size. If you are located in Illinois and interested in learning more, please reach out to us using the contact form

For how long would you lease my property?

An Earthrise lease lasts between 30 and 50 years.

Would Earthrise be interested in buying my property?

Earthrise primarily seeks to partner with landowners and lease lands that are suitable for project development. However, Earthrise also will work with landowners interested in selling their properties.

What will happen to my property taxes?

Earthrise will cover any increases in your property taxes directly attributable to the assessed value of the solar project. Commercial-scale solar projects generate significant revenue for the communities in which they operate, helping to support school districts and emergency services. In addition, Earthrise pays state and local taxes on its natural gas peaker plants. This is separate from the taxes it will pay on the solar projects it develops.

Am I liable for accidents or injuries on my land if I lease my property?

No. Earthrise’s contract with you will hold you harmless from liability resulting from hosting our solar panels and associated equipment on your property.

How does Earthrise pick properties for its solar projects?

Earthrise looks for relatively flat locations with plentiful solar resources near our existing operations and landowners interested in hosting our projects.

How much land does a solar project require?

Each project is unique and dependent on the solar resources available in the area. Typically, each megawatt of solar requires 5 to 8 acres of land.

How long will it take to complete construction of a solar project?

Depending on the size, it takes between 9 to 18 months to construct a utility-scale solar project. However, the actual timeline from project conception to commissioning can take three or more years due to the approval and permitting processes.

Who is responsible for maintaining the property once the project is built?

Earthrise has direct responsibility for the ongoing operations and maintenance of our projects once they are completed. Earthrise also will be responsible for paying any increases in your property taxes directly attributable to the assessed value of the solar project and for the decommissioning of the project, which requires removing all solar panels and ensuring your property is restored to its original state.

What happens to my property once Earthrise’s lease expires?

We understand your property is important to you. That is why we are committed to ensuring your property is restored to its original state once our lease expires. We will remove all project-related equipment and solar panels from your land and ensure that it can be reused for agricultural purposes at the end of the lease term.


How will a solar project development affect my property value?

Studies have shown operating solar projects do not negatively affect the property value of nearby land. In fact, a study conducted across Illinois determined that the value of properties within one mile of an operating solar project increased by an average of 2% after the project’s installation.

Will construction be planned around harvest/planting seasons?

Earthrise will do everything possible to avoid interrupting the harvesting and planting season in the communities where we build. However, the final construction timeline will depend on the permitting and approval process and weather conditions. If construction disrupts planting, Earthrise will compensate farmers for the loss of crop income.

Will Earthrise’s solar project create significant construction traffic?

Large trucks and other heavy equipment are commonly used during the 9-18 months of construction and may increase local traffic. However, Earthrise will work to minimize the impact of this traffic.

What do I do if I want Earthrise to consider leasing my land for a solar project?

Currently, Earthrise is building renewable energy projects in central and eastern Illinois. If you have a property that you would like Earthrise to evaluate for leasing, please contact us.