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Who We Are

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About Us

Who We Are

Energy entrepreneurs at heart, the Earthrise team unites decades of global leadership and expertise in the development, operations, and management of energy facilities and businesses.

Our Mission

We seek to power our world more responsibly, sustainably, and equitably than ever before.

Our Values

We are guided by our values that foster collaboration, debate, and innovation. At Earthrise, we hold ourselves to the highest standards in our work, how we treat one another, and how we operate in the communities we serve.

  • Align actions with words
  • Lead with the whole truth and full disclosure
  • Treat others with respect, honesty, and transparency
  • Seek opportunities to serve our communities and to leave a legacy

Creativity & Innovation
Creativity & Innovation
  • New ideas drive progress
  • Ask questions and challenge the status quo
  • Take calculated risks, fail fast and pivot quickly
  • Exercise agility in thinking, approach, and action
  • We are all owners of this company
  • Take responsibility for your actions
  • Honor commitments to others
  • Identify gaps and proactively work to fill them
  • Overcommunicate: See something, say something
  • Work pragmatically and decisively
  • Ensure results are measurable and manifest
  • Value process along with outcome
  • Quality matters and leads to market leadership
  • Getting most of the way there is the same as getting nowhere
  • Put steel in the ground
  • Grow, train, and trust the next generation of diverse clean energy leaders
  • Take initiative on the scope of your responsibility
  • Act with autonomy and meaningful agency
  • Embrace urgency and a bias to action
  • Commit to learning and growing from mistakes

Our Leadership

We bring the best of renewable and thermal talent under one roof.

Engineering & Plant Operations
Community Engagement
Project Development
Origination & Structuring
Asset Management
Market Design & Regulation
Cleantech Investment
Finance & M&A
Legal & Compliance

our partners

Teaming Up For Good

Earthrise is backed by Vision Ridge Partners, a preeminent investor in sustainable real assets that seeks to drive positive environmental impact. Vision Ridge invests in transformative growth companies like Earthrise Energy to address climate change and help scale sustainable infrastructure our world can rely on for decades to come.

Earthrise Energy

For the Public Benefit

Delivering long-term value to all our stakeholders

It is for this reason that we have intentionally established ourselves as a Public Benefit Corporation to ensure alignment between our governance, our mission, and our values. We consider the interests of our broad set of stakeholders – from our customers and employees to our communities, investors, and the planet at large – and strive to generate enduring economic, social, and environmental benefits for decades to come.

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