Renewable way

What We Do

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Rising to the challenge

What We Do

Earthrise is working to advance a clean energy future, repurposing legacy power plants to develop renewable energy projects to help our customers achieve their carbon reduction goals.


Earthrise acquires and operates legacy power plants that maintain grid stability and resiliency and leverages their related transmission infrastructure to build utility-scale renewable energy projects to deliver affordable energy to commercial and industrial companies, electric cooperatives, and utilities.

Earthrise is a solar power producer


We reinvest in our sites to ensure reliable operations and develop new clean energy projects in and around our communities.

Future Forward Thinking

Earthrise builds long-term businesses that maintain a foundation of employment, taxes, and energy infrastructure during and after the energy transition.

Our nearly 1.7 gigawatt fleet of highly flexible natural gas peaking plants supplies critical capacity and reliability services to our utility, cooperative, and commercial and industrial customers in the Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO) and PJM Interconnection. These plants provide on-demand, low-cost power that support the integration of new, renewable energy infrastructure.