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Sustainability Policy

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Sustainability Policy

Earthrise practices and promotes environmental stewardship and best-in-class sustainability practices. 

Earthrise Energy is a public benefits corporation focused on accelerating the clean energy transition. We practice and promote environmental stewardship and best-in-class sustainability practices and actively work to reduce the environmental impact of all our activities.

Earthrise Energy believes that a functional sustainability policy must be dynamic in nature and support our work to achieve operational excellence. Our compliance activities drive continual improvement in our business processes to address and reduce wherever possible our environmental impacts. As part of this process, Earthrise Energy is committed to:

  • Conducting business with a management philosophy based on our Earthrise values of Integrity, Creativity & Innovation, Accountability, Results-Focused and Empowerment in support of the company’s mission to power our world more responsibly, sustainably, and equitably than ever before.
  • Exceeding or meeting all applicable local, state, and federal laws, regulations, and requirements related to employee safety, the environment, labor, and employee rights. We also require our business partners and contractors to comply with these requirements.
  • Ensuring all activities are conducted in an environmentally responsible manner to protect all aspects of the scarce resources of the environment: Land, Air, and Water.
  • Finding improvement opportunities to measure and reduce environmental impact at all supply chain levels: vendor, internal operations, customer, and logistics.
  • Maintaining and supporting an established Sustainability Committee to support Earthrise’s sustainability initiatives. The committee will review semi-annually key metrics to drive improvement across our key areas of focus.
  • Providing and ensuring a safe and healthy work environment for our team members, visitors, and community.
  • Striving to provide a superior employment experience for all Earthrise Energy’s team members through training, empowerment, recognition, communication, and employment stability.
  • Continuously exploring:
    • Alternative production materials and methods to lower our environmental impact at all operating levels – product, process, and systems.
    • Ways to maximize our recycling, reuse, and reduction efforts, both as a business and as individuals in the organization.
    • Consumable alternatives derived from renewable resources.
  • Communicating with team members, customers, vendors, regulators, and surrounding local communities regarding our sustainability performance and metrics.
  • Periodically review and demonstrate continuous improvement and innovation in business operations related to environmental performance, workplace safety, and employee satisfaction.