At Earthrise, we partner with landowners to advance the clean energy transition.

As business owners in the communities where we develop renewable energy projects, we are deeply aware of our responsibilities to local landowners — our neighbors and our partners. We respect their work, their commitment to the land, and their love of home. That’s why we are investing in our communities and partners for the long term.

Affordable, Homegrown Energy

Solar energy is the most abundant and cleanest energy source on earth. Due to declining prices, it also one of the cheapest.


In meeting the growing demand for clean energy, Earthrise’s solar projects will create well-paying jobs and stimulate local economies.

A Stronger Grid

Renewable energy diversifies our energy mix and reduces the threat of energy scarcity, improving grid reliability.

Energy Security

Adding new renewable energy sources to the grid increases our energy security, reducing our reliance on foreign energy sources.

Are you an interested landowner?
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